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About me

My name is Laura Ziv,

I am a certified personal trainer and IFBB pro Bikini athlète.

It's been a few years that I help people to change their mindset and to become a better version of themselfs by changing  their way of thinking, eating and living.


My mission is to bring people to believe in their inner power and dreams.

I started fitness in 2012,


at this time I had unhealthy addictions that took me a few years to stop,

it is literrally bodybuilding that saved me.

I studied personal training and nutrition in 2015 and I am absolulty passionated by the human body and soul.

My different life's experiences have teached me how to succeed and become a health specialist.

By following my method, my tips and advices you will be able to reach your goals and to become a better you !


trust my expertise

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